So it was my birthday last week & I haven’t even had time to blog about it. Feel super busy!

Originally coming from Manchester, my parents who still live there travelled to London where I currently live to celebrate it with me. Me and my mum went to a spa day at the 4* Kallima spa in the Hilton hotel in Syon Park. I had a massage and facial which was a new experience for me, clearly a relaxing one because I actually fell asleep throughout!!
The most enjoying part of it though was spending quality time with my mum who I don’t see much, family is everything.

The hotel and spa was beautiful and we indulged in a champagne lunch in the Marco Pierre White restaurant before our treatments.

When it’s your birthday and you’re past the ages of getting loads of presents, you receive money. It’s an easy present. And an easy one to receive!! I bought myself some new gym trainers as you all know I’m a fitness freak. They are the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever bought, pastel mint green colour and so light. They’re called air max 1 ultra moira and to tell you the truth I posted this same photo to my Instagram (@emfurey) and it went viral!!! Currently on over 2,300 likes! For an infamous person like me it was a shock to realise how social media really works.

I’m now getting excited about a little shoot I’ve got planned on Sunday – feels like so long ago since I did a fitness shoot!! It’s my favourite style to shoot so I’m looking forward to it.

Now it’s time to cook dinner, take a bath and relax!! Enjoy your Wednesday 💋









I’ve noticed when one door closes – another one opens. This quote came as a reality for me when I went to a model casting and didn’t get the job… But then found 2 emails from two different model agencies about being possibly represented by them.
I was literally over the moon about the news as both agency’s were ones I’ve always looked at and admired! I’m looking forward to the future and what it possibly holds for me. I will 100% keep you all updated on my progress!!
On another note, I’ve found being back at the gym has literally killed my energy!! Who knew 2 weeks off exercising over the Christmas period would cause my body to slack so much. Although my appearance hasn’t changed much, I’ve noticed my fitness level has sunk due to not exercising.
I’ve done 3 gym sessions since being back and today felt the most normal, I wasn’t too out of breath and I pushed myself more than usual. I have a personal trainer who also happens to be my boyfriend so this is very helpful at this time of year when you need the motivational talking to get you through the session!
I hope everyone enjoys their week & keeps up their new year resolutions!!
Lots of love –
Em 💋






Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’ve all been spoilt and devoured on amazing food kept by your mum in the fridge who told you to not touch it before Christmas!
With regards to presents, I received an iPad mini 2 off my parents which I’ve been so excited to use and start blogging on on my travels!
If that wasn’t good enough, my boyfriend came up on the coach to see me on Boxing Day. We exchanged our presents and it was nice to just be in each other’s company. He got me some beautiful gifts such as my favourite perfume, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf you can purchase from, an amazing Zara puffer coat, underwear and some new gym trainers and sports bra! Spoilt ❤️
So last night we got a little bored so decided to venture out for a couple of drinks! I wore two of my new items, the black and white zip up short high waist skirt with a white plunge blouse with small detail at the bottom tucked in. I teamed this outfit with my knee high black suede boots from and to finish off the Wintery look with a nude lip and my hair down slightly wavey.
Today we could be going ice skating so Ill be sure to be wrapping up in my new coat with some jeans on to keep me warm!
Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays 💋



I have always been the kind of girl who goes on a sunbed to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. It’s definitely not a healthy alternative to sunkissed skin but the attraction to sunbeds comes from the glow you get. I’ve known about the dangers of sunbeds and the horrible consequences for when I’m older such as wrinkled, aged skin and the higher risk of skin cancer.. I never thought to stop and keep my skin looking younger for longer. It’s not to say that next year I won’t be going on a few before my holiday to get my skin ready for the heat I’ll be under but I’ve noticed a change in myself with regards to going on them so frequently and accepting that my skin is ageing and being totally okay with it.
I recently had a spray tan instead and although it smells the first 2 days, it makes you look amazing – and the best part about it, it doesn’t make you age!!
I got one off my boyfriends sister who has just started her own mobile makeup & tanning business. You’ll be able to find her on my Instagram @cbeauty_ at affordable prices!

So I guess I’ve learnt it’s best to fake it than to age my skin – girls take note!


I’ve been working on my fitness levels really hard recently with my very own personal trainer who happens to be my boyfriend Bradley. He’s amazing at helping me tone up my abs, arms and legs! Each session is different although they work the same muscles. For me, I love to always train my bum, legs and abs. When we train arms, we do a lot of boxing and different variations. I would definitely recommend women of all shapes and sizes to start up boxing in the gym, the combination of strength and also cardiovascular fitness really helps with getting fitter.
Since Brad became a PT, he’s been recording me for his IG page since day one and we always come up with different videos each time which you will be able to find through my IG @emfurey. The sessions are so fun but he definitely doesn’t let me off lightly if I mess up, the consequence is always push ups which do challenge me, luckily I’ve got better and now if I mess up it’s not so bad!!
Yesterday I trained with my new water bottle from Aquatiser which is amazing because you can put fruit in the lower compartment (and top if you wanted!) and water in the top compartment which flavours the water and gives you the nutrients you need! I opted for lemon yesterday to help me kick my winter cold which helped clear my system and I genuinely felt better for it. Great way to keep hydrated and healthy! Buy yours at and you won’t be disappointed :-)!
I also always train in Nike. I love the gym clothes for Nike, they fit so well and have so many comfortable features. @Nikewomen on IG liked one of my fitness videos the other day and I haven’t stopped looking at their posts of different combinations of their clothes to workout in but I’ll be sure to be purchasing some new items soon for more workout videos for you all to enjoy! Follow my IG @emfurey for me to help be a part of inspiring you in the gym 👌 thanks!
I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend 💋





So instead of working today I’ve been working on FLo Rida’s new music video shoot! I started my day off right with a blended juice from Marks & Spencers, the orange and carrot juice which is 2 of your 5 a day. A great alternative to a bottle of Coke or Pepsi which will only feed you with sugar rather than give you the nutrients you need to supply energy for the day ahead.

Along with a group of us, I travelled on a coach for two hours to get to Sussex to set up on location. We arrived to a beautiful mansion country house which was set up inside like a party scene with a lead girl and two lead guys.

I decided to bring my all time favourite party dress to film the shoot from which I’ve worn so much and always gets compliments!! I wore my simple strappy black heels which always finish off the perfect outfit and curled my hair with a minimal smokey eye makeup look.

We finished filming and got back onto the coach to set off back to London. I’m exhausted but I figured it’s been more about the travelling which can tire you out so much. Looking forward to getting wrapped up in bed!

It’s time to have a nap and endure the ride home.




Morning everyone!
So it’s the 1st of December and time to open up the first calendar chocolate and countdown til Christmas!!
This time of year is my favourite, it means cuddling up under blankets and eating naughty food with my favourite people around me, I do love the festive feeling.
This past weekend me and my boyfriend Bradley took the train upto Manchester where all my family still live (I’ve been in London for 3 years now). We visited half the family and spent our other time in the Christmas markets in Albert Square, shopping and having a meal out with my parents. During our shopping trip we visited which I never usually find anything out of, but this time I found an amazing teal coloured hat for £24.99 discounted from £50! The quality and colour of it made me fall in love and I had to purchase! I pretty much wore it straight away and loved it! By far the best buy I’ve had for a while.
Now we’re back in London, back to work. Three weeks until I go back home, which isn’t long at all, meaning Christmas is really not far away either!!

Have a great week everyone 💋