I’ve figured I really like autumn and how the leaves all fall with the different shades of browns, auburn and greens. Today feels like one of those days I could just sit and watch the leaves fall off the trees and think about life or people watch with a gingerbread latte in my hand.

I received a small batch of images today from a shoot I did a couple weeks back. I fell in love with the one I’ve attached to this post, the location was perfect and I got to wear my beautiful high knee suede boots. Perfect for winter. I got them from a few weeks ago and cannot stop wearing them! They go with everything! Black is always a good idea.

However right now I’m packing my travel case. I’m so excited, tomorrow I’m going to visit my family in Manchester. And of course, the Christmas markets. I go every year without fail because aside from Winter Wonderland, the Xmas markets in MCR kickstart my Christmas spirit and I love that feeling of Christmas everyone gets so it’s nice to feel it around my family.

It’s time to sleep.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! ❤️



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