Morning everyone!
So it’s the 1st of December and time to open up the first calendar chocolate and countdown til Christmas!!
This time of year is my favourite, it means cuddling up under blankets and eating naughty food with my favourite people around me, I do love the festive feeling.
This past weekend me and my boyfriend Bradley took the train upto Manchester where all my family still live (I’ve been in London for 3 years now). We visited half the family and spent our other time in the Christmas markets in Albert Square, shopping and having a meal out with my parents. During our shopping trip we visited http://www.tkmaxx.com which I never usually find anything out of, but this time I found an amazing teal coloured http://www.kangolstore.com hat for Β£24.99 discounted from Β£50! The quality and colour of it made me fall in love and I had to purchase! I pretty much wore it straight away and loved it! By far the best buy I’ve had for a while.
Now we’re back in London, back to work. Three weeks until I go back home, which isn’t long at all, meaning Christmas is really not far away either!!

Have a great week everyone πŸ’‹





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