I’ve been working on my fitness levels really hard recently with my very own personal trainer who happens to be my boyfriend Bradley. He’s amazing at helping me tone up my abs, arms and legs! Each session is different although they work the same muscles. For me, I love to always train my bum, legs and abs. When we train arms, we do a lot of boxing and different variations. I would definitely recommend women of all shapes and sizes to start up boxing in the gym, the combination of strength and also cardiovascular fitness really helps with getting fitter.
Since Brad became a PT, he’s been recording me for his IG page since day one and we always come up with different videos each time which you will be able to find through my IG @emfurey. The sessions are so fun but he definitely doesn’t let me off lightly if I mess up, the consequence is always push ups which do challenge me, luckily I’ve got better and now if I mess up it’s not so bad!!
Yesterday I trained with my new water bottle from Aquatiser which is amazing because you can put fruit in the lower compartment (and top if you wanted!) and water in the top compartment which flavours the water and gives you the nutrients you need! I opted for lemon yesterday to help me kick my winter cold which helped clear my system and I genuinely felt better for it. Great way to keep hydrated and healthy! Buy yours at and you won’t be disappointed :-)!
I also always train in Nike. I love the gym clothes for Nike, they fit so well and have so many comfortable features. @Nikewomen on IG liked one of my fitness videos the other day and I haven’t stopped looking at their posts of different combinations of their clothes to workout in but I’ll be sure to be purchasing some new items soon for more workout videos for you all to enjoy! Follow my IG @emfurey for me to help be a part of inspiring you in the gym πŸ‘Œ thanks!
I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend πŸ’‹





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