I have always been the kind of girl who goes on a sunbed to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. It’s definitely not a healthy alternative to sunkissed skin but the attraction to sunbeds comes from the glow you get. I’ve known about the dangers of sunbeds and the horrible consequences for when I’m older such as wrinkled, aged skin and the higher risk of skin cancer.. I never thought to stop and keep my skin looking younger for longer. It’s not to say that next year I won’t be going on a few before my holiday to get my skin ready for the heat I’ll be under but I’ve noticed a change in myself with regards to going on them so frequently and accepting that my skin is ageing and being totally okay with it.
I recently had a spray tan instead and although it smells the first 2 days, it makes you look amazing – and the best part about it, it doesn’t make you age!!
I got one off my boyfriends sister who has just started her own mobile makeup & tanning business. You’ll be able to find her on my Instagram @cbeauty_ at affordable prices!

So I guess I’ve learnt it’s best to fake it than to age my skin – girls take note!


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