I’ve noticed when one door closes – another one opens. This quote came as a reality for me when I went to a model casting and didn’t get the job… But then found 2 emails from two different model agencies about being possibly represented by them.
I was literally over the moon about the news as both agency’s were ones I’ve always looked at and admired! I’m looking forward to the future and what it possibly holds for me. I will 100% keep you all updated on my progress!!
On another note, I’ve found being back at the gym has literally killed my energy!! Who knew 2 weeks off exercising over the Christmas period would cause my body to slack so much. Although my appearance hasn’t changed much, I’ve noticed my fitness level has sunk due to not exercising.
I’ve done 3 gym sessions since being back and today felt the most normal, I wasn’t too out of breath and I pushed myself more than usual. I have a personal trainer who also happens to be my boyfriend so this is very helpful at this time of year when you need the motivational talking to get you through the session!
I hope everyone enjoys their week & keeps up their new year resolutions!!
Lots of love –
Em πŸ’‹






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