So it was my birthday last week & I haven’t even had time to blog about it. Feel super busy!

Originally coming from Manchester, my parents who still live there travelled to London where I currently live to celebrate it with me. Me and my mum went to a spa day at the 4* Kallima spa in the Hilton hotel in Syon Park. I had a massage and facial which was a new experience for me, clearly a relaxing one because I actually fell asleep throughout!!
The most enjoying part of it though was spending quality time with my mum who I don’t see much, family is everything.

The hotel and spa was beautiful and we indulged in a champagne lunch in the Marco Pierre White restaurant before our treatments.

When it’s your birthday and you’re past the ages of getting loads of presents, you receive money. It’s an easy present. And an easy one to receive!! I bought myself some new gym trainers as you all know I’m a fitness freak. They are the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever bought, pastel mint green colour and so light. They’re called air max 1 ultra moira and to tell you the truth I posted this same photo to my Instagram (@emfurey) and it went viral!!! Currently on over 2,300 likes! For an infamous person like me it was a shock to realise how social media really works.

I’m now getting excited about a little shoot I’ve got planned on Sunday – feels like so long ago since I did a fitness shoot!! It’s my favourite style to shoot so I’m looking forward to it.

Now it’s time to cook dinner, take a bath and relax!! Enjoy your Wednesday šŸ’‹








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